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Smart Tech Saves Gardens and Groundhogs

Posted on August 25, 2015 · Posted in humane traps, pest control, wildlife control

Last week, a NJ country club owner in the area called me in a panic. “Our flowers are disappearing! My Phlox, Sedum and Shrub Roses are destroyed. The gardens are why people book us for weddings. I need help fast!”

According to the Wedding Report, September is the month with the highest demand for weddings in New Jersey. The weather is ideal and many flowers are in bloom. Wedding venues are booked solid and working hard to be sure everything is picture perfect – especially the gardens.

I knew what was happening. These flowers were all favorite menu selections of the garden dwelling groundhog (also known as a woodchuck). These critters are well known for their burrowing tactics and destructive garden behavior. Groundhogs eat about 1/3 of their body weight every day and increase their eating in the fall to build fat stores to get them through winter.

Thank You TrapSmart™

I jumped in my car and headed over to the country club to set a trap using a live trap equipped with the TrapSmart remote trap monitoring system. The TrapSmart system would send me a text message when the trap door closed so I would know immediately that an animal was caught.  Not only does this save me tons of time (as I do not have to drive 30 minutes to check the trap), it would also save the animal the stress of locked up in a cage during extreme heat – as this can be very dangerous to wildlife survival.

Assuring the owner not to worry, I headed to my next appointment. Before I even got there, my phone got a text message. The trap had fired.  I headed back, and lo and behold, there was a groundhog in the live trap! Thank you TrapSmart! I put the critter in my vehicle and set another live trap – just in case there was more than one on the property.  And, yes, I would release the groundhog according to NJ State regulations.

The following day I was once again alerted by TrapSmart that the trap had fired. I got to the club within the hour and got the animal to a safe place quickly. I just can’t say how much this system has helped me – saves me a ton of time. And it is also humane – as it minimizes the time the wildlife is in a trap – at 85° an animal needs to be released within a few hours. Thanks to TrapSmart I have never lost an animal due to time in a trap!

More Than Groundhogs

This job turned out to be pretty big as I removed a total of 12 groundhogs, 3 raccoons, and 1 skunk from the property. Now the club’s gardens will be ready for the upcoming season.  Everybody’s happy – me, the club, the garden – and the wildlife.

If you are a pest control professional and want to learn more about using TrapSmart, give me a call or send me an email.


Tom Watson