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Service Plans.

After our initial inspection, Go Green will focus on the pest environment as our primary concern. Zeroing in on and removing what is feeding or hosting the infestation. Then we determine what additional remediation you may need. This could involve cleaning gutters and pruning trees back a bit. Go Green ALWAYS discusses the remediation with you and explains the rationale for the treatment recommendation.

Go Green offers a range of services, from the most simple to complete comprehensive plans – for homes and businesses. All plans provide advice on rodent exclusion and prevention practices, and use the lowest impact treatment to solve your problem.

After Go Green evaluates your situation, a customized program will be designed based on your needs. Quarterly service plans are usually recommended in order to maintain a pest free environment and prevent development of new pest problems.

If wildlife removal is needed, Go Green uses a humane trapping system provided by TrapSmart. This wireless, remote trap monitoring system provides Go Green with an alert as soon as the trap fires. Go Green will remove the wildlife from your property quickly and transport it to a wildlife area. The TrapSmart system minimizes the amount of time the animal spends in the trap – less stress on the captured animal and you.

Sample of a Comprehensive Plan

  • Inspection and identification of problem areas
  • Treatment with liquid insecticides
  • Treatment with aerosol crack and crevice injections
  • Application of insecticide baits
  • Application of powdered insecticide dusts
  • Treatment of exterior perimeter (foundation, eaves, window/doors)


  • Treatment with rodenticide bait blocks
  • Treatment with rodenticide grain or pellet baits
  • Use of monitored traps using TrapSmart technology

Fleas, Ticks and Other Pests:

  • Semi-annual flea prevention treatments with an insect growth regulator to carpeted areas inside the home
  • Treatments with liquid insecticides to carpeted areas in the event fleas are brought into the home
  • Semi-annual yard treatment with insecticide granules to control ants, fleas, ticks and roaches outside

Senior Citizen discounts and monthly specials available. Pricing varies by size of area, scope of problem and plan. So please call us for an estimate.