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Woodchuck Removal. Fast, safe and humane groundhog removal.

Go Green Pest Solutions – The Groundhog Removal Experts

Groundhogs or woodchucks can cause problems for NJ homeowners or businesses.  Groundhogs can destroy crops, gardens and undermine foundations.

If you see groundhogs or groundhog damage around your home or business, get an expert who can quickly, humanely and safely remove the woodchuck from the area. Go Green Pest Solutions has removed hundreds of groundhogs and understands how to quickly remove the wildlife.

Using wireless, satellite technology, Go Green Pest Solutions  uses TrapSmart technology to send a message the minute a trap closes.  Once notified, Go Green Pest Solutions comes and removes the woodchuck and the trap.  Safe. Humane. Effective.


For more information about woodchuck removal, contact Tom Watson – the aka “The Woodchuck Chucker”